Saturday, August 23, 2014

Now in those days a decree went out from Caesar Obama.....

These weeks we are witnessing an example of America commanding its allies or rather vassals. These countries have agreed to aid the Kurdish troops with weapons and other means to fight the Islamic State terrorists. 

Of course the unbelievable primitivity and brutality of the terror-organization is a part of the reason for the European willingness to aid. But also in countries where this reaction was less expectable, we have seen a remarkable willingness to help. A clear sign of American power. That even Germany despite US spying has broken its old principle of not delivering weapons to areas at war is really amazing! 

For a diagnosis of European independence this of course is a bad sign. But for the fight against the barbarians and for the defense of thousands of innocents it is good news indeed! And not least: it creates precedence for wise and decisive use of dominance by intelligently led big powers in the future. One of the big powers acts to support a good cause. And it orders its subordinates to act to support the good cause.


Another crucial brick in the solution of the problems in the Middle East will be to force Israel into reason. Like Iraq so is also Israel dependent on US support, and therefore it can be pressed. 

And of course I am NOT in any way comparing Israel with IS!